Escape from Slaughter Farm Island - Game

A fun little board game that is still in the works of being refined. It was originally designing for a 72-hour board game design contest for "Maine Table Top Design Challenge 2016" The Story So Far… Our feathery heroes were imprisoned under terrible conditions in the island fortress known only as Slaughter Farm, run by the merciless Farmer Kilroy. Between them and freedom are terrible storms, dreadful river weasels and the Farmer’s bloodthirsty hound Stinkus. But they will not be deterred from escape. In the dark of night they break out of the chicken coop and execute their escape plan… to cross the icy waters surrounding Slaughter Farm Island, and make it to freedom! Goal Rescue as many of your chickens as possible, by gathering materials to build vessels capable of crossing the water separating Slaughter Farm from the mainland. Become legends by doing Glorious Deeds during your escape! However, you must finish crossing the river by daybreak, or Farmer Kilroy will wake up and catch you!

Box cover/Manual cover to game
Example Cards of Chicken Heroes, Boats, and baddies
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